Plan Your Fashion Print Design Collection

Free Resource Guide & Workbook

Our very first free resource is here! We've  develop a resource guide and workbook to help fashion labels plan for on brand print collections, so that they're instantly recognisable as theirs!

We noticed a common trend emerging where client's were finding it difficult to decide on the creative direction of their print ranges and sometimes even changing their minds mid design process! 

Your print designs should be a true testament to your brand story. If you're clear on this and where your design originality lies from the start, you'll experience a smooth design process (with reduced indecisive moments!) and be left with a print range that you're confident in selling!

In this guide and work book you'll map out:
1. Your Brand Story
2. Your Brand Aesthetic (with bonus mood board template!)
3. Your Print Design Briefs

This then becomes a great resource to send back to us, to kick off your print design project. We'll both be on the same page with your vision and be we’ll able to understand your business goals. 

Christina x

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