+ Why work with The Design Parlour?

We create designs signature to what your brand is known for, or would like to be known for! Imagine your customer walking along the beach and suddenly something catches her eye. It’s a bikini she spots on a girl in the distance. She recognises the print and instantly she thinks, “oh they’re from insert your brand here.”
We understand that the purpose of design is to not only make your product stand out but to make your brand instantly recognised.

We uniquely offer an end-to-end design service for fashion labels. We can assist you from logo creation, to print collection design, right through to garment labels and swing tags. We collaborate with you from ideation right through to production set up and go above and beyond to ensure your design vision is realised.

Check out what our clients have to say about us here.

+ Do you only work with fashion brands?

Although The Design Parlour specialises in working with fashion labels, we also love working with any ‘fashion-forward’ brands. Examples include but aren’t limited to; homewares brands, stationery brands, beauty brands, bloggers, stylists or jewellery brands. Basically if you’re a fun and creatively driven brand or even if you’re just vibing our design style, get in touch and we can chat about working together!

+ What’s your design process?

Our process is made up of five key stages. If you’d like a more detailed guide please request an info pack here. Please note, each stage can differ from project to project.

INITIAL BRIEFING First things first- we want to know everything about your brand story and your design vision. We’ll discuss your project in detail so we can get an understanding of your needs and to help us put together a proposal.

RESEARCH & MOOD BOARD This is where we put your design vision/ brand vision into a mood board or Pinterest board to give us both a clear direction of where the final artwork is going.

CONCEPTS At this stage we begin creating original hand drawn and/or digital elements based on your mood board.

FINAL ARTWORK Once you have approved/ given feedback on the initial concepts we will refine your concept considering your direction . For textile prints we being to put your motifs in repeat and consider layout and sizing.

DELIVERY You will receive your final artwork files ready for print production/ online use (depending on the project brief)

+ What are your working hours?

We work Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm AEST.

+ Can we organise a phone call to chat about my project?

Sure! If you’d like to discuss your project over the phone, email us to organise a time!

+ Do we need to be based in Melbourne to work with you?

Not at all! We love working with brands from all over the world! Technology and the Internet sure do make those long distance working relationships super smooth :)

Print Shop FAQs

+ What is the difference between purchasing an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive License?

Exclusive License: Once the artwork is purchased, The Design Parlour will not resell the artwork and it will be removed from the online print shop.

Non-Exclusive License: This means that the artwork remains on our online shop and will continue to be sold to up to 3x customers. This is a great option for brands who are just starting out! Please let us know if you would like to know which brands have already purchsed a specific print.

Please see our terms and Conditions regarding intellectual property for further details.

+ How long will it take for me to receive the artwork after I have purchased it?

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive the file for download in your Order Confirmation which is emailed to you. The link to the file will expire after 24 hours after it’s first clicked. If you haven’t downloaded your file after 24 hours please let us know.

+ Will I receive all the colourways displayed? Can I request my own colour changes?

Yes! You will receive all colourways displayed on the print product page. Only the first image that appears will be motif and colour separated. The rest are included as flat artwork. We can change colours of your chosen print to suit your collection free of charge. Send us an email here outlining your needs. If you have already made your purchase please include your order number and name of print in the subject line.

+ I'd like to see a garment/product mock up of my chosen print. Can this be done?

Yes! We offer 1x free mock up per print. We have displayed our prints on a range of garment mock ups within the print shop, but if you’d like to visualise you chosen print on your specific garment or product, please let us know and we can arrange this for you!

+ Can I request Pantone colours for my chosen artwork

Sure can! Get in touch with us here and we’d be happy to Pantone match your chosen print(s). If you have already made a purchase please include your order number and name of print in the subject line.

+ Am I able to make my own changes to the artwork?

Yes, all artworks are motif separated, making it easy for you to move elements around, change the sizing and scale as you please. Please let us know if you need any assistance with altering your artwork file.

+ Can you help me make custom edits on my chosen print?

If you’d like some changes made to your chosen artwork, we’d be happy to assist you with this! This can include anything from scale or layout adjustments. Please note this will be at an additional cost. Send us an email with you design needs here.

+ I've just had my print sampled and am wanting to change the colours and scale after seeing it. Can you help?

Yes, definetly! We offer assistance to you throughout the whole process from purchase to production. Send us an email outlinging your needs and we can discuss how we can help!

+ How many products can I use my chosen print on?

There are no product limits on either of our print licenses.

+ Can I pay via bank transfer instead?

You sure can! Please get in touch here and let us know what print you’re after and what license you’d like to purchase it as and we will send you the details.

+ I need my chosen artwork to be saved in another format for my manufacturer, can this be done?

Certain artworks can be saved in different formats. Send us an email here outlining your needs and we can discuss your options.

+ Are you able to send print fabric swatches?

All of our prints are digital files, but we are happy to arrange a fabric sample for a fee.

+ Do you offer refunds or exchanges on prints?

Unfortunetly, we do not offer refunds on our prints due to change of mind. Please let us know if you have any questions before purchasing your chosen print and we'd be more than happy to help! If you feel there is a problem with your print please send us an email outlining this so we can discuss.

Custom Textile Design FAQs

+ How do you price a custom print design project?

Our most basic prints start from $300 and more complex prints range from $550 - $750. You'll need to provide us with specifc ideas, refernce images and samples so that we can give you custom quote. Our prices are based on the amount of detail and motifs that will go into creating your artwork. We always strive to add as much value to your experience as we can. You can request an info pack to see our packages/project inclusions.

+ What is a product Mock up?

This is a digital garment drawing or photo that is used to help us visualise your designs and full range. Most importantly, they help to represent scale and the size of your print design.

+ Are my custom print designs exclusive to my brand?

Any artwork we create for you including all elements and preliminary works are exclusive to you and your brand. None of the designs can be used in any other job we do or sold to any other client.

+ Do you only create prints for fashion?

Nope! We are open to creating prints for a variety of mediums and products, including but not limited to; homewares, linen & bedding, stationery, scarfs and accessories. Get in touch here with your unique project!

+ What’s your turn around time?

This can vary based on the scope of work. Some basic prints can be done within 5 - 10 days, larger projects where multiple prints are needed for a collection, can take around 2-4 weeks. We will usually agree on a deadline at the initial briefing stage.

+ What do I need to have ready before the project begins?

Here’s a checklist of things to have ready before we begin a project;

  • Reference imagery or inspiration for your design vision
  • Any existing brand guidelines that you might have
  • A brief outline of your target audience is super helpful.
  • Technical specifications for your artwork. This includes; printing process (screen or digital ect), colour limitations, repeat size, or placement print size.
  • An idea of the products or garments the prints will be used on.
  • A timeframe for when you need the project to be completed.

Graphic Design FAQs

+ What is an alternate logo, submark and icon? Do I really need these?

It's so important to consider all logo purposes in your biz. Often one main logo just isn't suitable for certain mediums. You can read all about this topic in this blog post!

+ I need more than what is outlined in the Brand Suite Package, can I add to it?

Sure. We can add things like business cards, full stationery set, Instagram story highlight covers or custom brand pattern. Let us know in the initial briefing stage and we can tailor a package around your needs. We have also recently added a new package called The Ultimate Fashion Branding Packing, which includes some extras to help kick start your biz!

+ Can you create email designs/ other online content for my brand?

We sure can! Our Creative Director, Christina has quite the background in digital content creation such as EDMs, website banners and social media graphics specifically for the fashion industry. Please send through your enquiry here.

+ What is a brand board?

This is a one page document that includes all of your final logos, fonts, colours, mood board and all other elements created for you brand.

+ Do you provide a printing services for business cards etc?

We are a design service and you will receive digital files only. We can however recommend printing companies that might be able to help you out.

+ What’s your turn around time?

This can vary based on the scope of work. Our logo and branding packages typically take between 2 - 4 weeks. We will usually agree on a deadline at the initial briefing stage.

+ What do I need to have ready before the project begins?

Here’s a checklist of things to have ready before we begin a project;

  • A solid knowledge of you target market and band vision
  • Reference imagery or inspiration for your design brief
  • Any existing brand guidelines that you might have
  • Existing logos and fonts needed for the project
  • Technical specifications needed for us to complete the project- such as set up specifications from your chosen printer.
  • A timeframe for when you need the project to be completed.

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