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Collage - We Are The Design Parlour.

We are The Design Parlour.

A graphic and textile design studio, based in Melbourne Australia specialising in producing fun, colourful, idyllic and distinctive print designs for forward-thinking fashion brands.


Our Manifesto


We make it our business to know your business

And by “know”, we mean dive deep into every facet of your brand so that the “why” at the core of your “because” becomes the “how” at the core of our designs.

Your brand’s story, through design

We build comprehensive, strategic, and all-encompassing graphic and textile designs through visual storytelling. Put simply, we create designs signature to what your brand is known for.

It’s not about us

Whether it be the design of a new print collection, or a refresh of your garment swing tags, with The Design Parlour, we ensure our designs, our process and our service all start and end with you.

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